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Oil industry group: ‘Irresponsible’ to link L.A. quake, fracking


By Emily Alpert Reyes CALIFORNIA – An oil and gas industry association blasted a push by several members of the Los Angeles City Council to investigate whether hydraulic fracturing and other forms of oil well stimulation played any role in the earthquake that rattled Los Angeles on Monday, calling the move “appallingly irresponsible.” “It does not surprise us that the handful of extremist environmental organizations … ...

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Natural gas industry buoyed by advancing technology


From the office computer to the drill site, to the wells that can stretch more than three miles underground, nearly everything in Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry is different from just a few years ago. Drill holes are longer and smoother. Drilling tools are packed with computer sensors that adjust on the fly. Rock holding the gas gets cracked hundreds of ...

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Scientists, regulators increase scrutiny on methane emissions


By: Brendan Gibbons, Scranton Times-Tribune Colorado on Monday moved forward with regulations of methane emissions from oil and gas operations amid increased scrutiny of those emissions from scientists and government regulators in recent weeks. Methane, the simplest alkaline molecule, is the primary constituent of natural gas. It has no color or odor but is highly flammable. It also has a global ...

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Colorado oil regulators contemplate tougher rules to avoid flooding problems in field


DENVER — Colorado oil and gas regulators will spend the next few months contemplating potential changes to rules governing oil and gas sites after widespread flooding last fall damaged infrastructure enough to spill 43,000 gallons of oil. While the flooding caused 220 million gallons of sewage to flow downstream amid hundreds of billions of gallons of rain that fell in ...

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Consumer prices slow with O&G in the west

Despite a slow but steady oil price recovery for Colorado, the growth recently came to a halt, and with it, consumer prices. According to the Denver Business Journal, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 0.3 percent jump in the federal consumer price index (CPI) in western states for the month of April. This gain is notably smaller than ...

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