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By John Bestoloffe | Google+ My name is John Bestoloffe and I write for Shale Plays Media LLC which owns Bakken.com, Marcellus.com, and EagleFordTexas.com, Permianshale.com, Haynesville.com, and Niobrarachalk.com. Writing has always been my passion and now I am able to live my dream of being a Journalist. I went to school at North Dakota State University and live in Fargo ND with my wife and 2 children. As I start out in my new adventure reporting on the various Shale plays here in ND, I feel a sense of accomplishment in realizing my dream. When I’m not writing, I enjoy mountain biking, hunting, cruising on my motorcycle, and fishing.

Browser add-on adds on savings


The Evolution of Online Couponing Despite the cheapest gas prices in five years, holiday shoppers will still browse the web for the best deals. Especially oil and gas employees who can’t take an extended break from work to snag the best deals in the store. So if you can’t get away from the rig, don’t worry! Because just in time ...

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Louisiana infrastructure in for growing pains


John Bestoloffe, Shale Plays Media With the Haynesville shale already established and the Tuscaloosa Marine shale quickly emerging, Louisiana has a vast amount of potential for the oil and gas boom. However, concerns are rising around the inadequate infrastructure supporting the thriving energy industry. Maturing roads, waterways, and pipelines may prove to be a setback for industry growth. The quality ...

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A bright future for the Permian Basin

John Bestoloffe, Shale Plays Media The Permian Basin’s tight oil plays are expected to lead the US in production according to new data and estimates. According to new statistics from Rystad Energy, an independent oil and gas consulting service and business intelligence data firm, the Permian Basin’s “tight” play is expected to pull ahead of all other U.S. tight oil ...

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Michigan’s Grand River threatened by oil spill


John Bestoloffe, Shale Plays Media Around 800 gallons of motor oil and hydraulic fluid were excavated from the storm water system in Jackson, Michigan since the spill on May 18th. Jackson city officials in the fire department and department of public works were notified of the spill Sunday evening from a citizen calling to report an oil-like substance on the ...

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Louisiana Senate passes Midla pipeline bill


John Bestoloffe, Shale Plays Media The Louisiana Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would prohibit abandonment of the Midla pipeline, sending the bill onward to Governor Bobby Jindal. Senate Bill 525, spearheaded by Senator Robert Adley (R-Benton), plans for the possibility that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission permits abandonment of the pipeline beyond Louisiana borders. Per the bill, internal ...

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Sino-Russian deal leaves Japan in the lurch


John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media Wednesday’s historic energy deal between Russia and China will spell impending trouble for Japan, which has to rely on Russia for its energy needs but maintains close diplomatic relations with the United States. The deal, negotiated by China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during the latter’s diplomatic visit, outlines a 30 ...

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Leaked document outlines US, EU trade policy


John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media The European Union is working with the United States to expand fracking operations and exports, according to a trade agreement document that leaked today. The text, revealed today by the Huffington Post, is an early draft of the energy policy to be included in the upcoming Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the US ...

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10,000 Jobs heading to Baytown, Texas


John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media The planned expansion at the ExxonMobil Olefins Plant in Baytown, Texas is expected to create 10,000 construction jobs and 350 permanent occupations. The multi-billion dollar project has finally received the green light for construction after the EPA delivered a final notice of decision for the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) for greenhouse gas (GHG) ...

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FERC approves sandpiper pipeline tariff structure


John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media Natural Gas Intelligence reported today that Enbridge was given the green light for the sandpiper project. This pipeline will provide many Bakken crude producers easier access to downstream markets. The 610 mile pipeline will be 24 inches in diameter and start from Beaver Lodge, just south of Tioga, ND and run to Clearbrook, MN. ...

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Covington mayor joins opposition to Helis fracking proposal


John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media The mayor of Covington, a modest town of just under nine thousand people in southeastern Louisiana, has publicly denounced a recent proposal for fracking near Mandeville in St. Tammany Parish. New Orleans-based company Helis Oil & Gas Co., LLC proposed to drill in the parish in early April, and many St. Tammany Parish residents ...

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