The Eagle Ford Formation (also referred to as the Eagle Ford Shale) lays under much of South Texas and covers roughly 24 counties. The name comes from an old community called Eagle Ford where the outcrops of the Shale were first discovered. The first well that produced oil and gas in the Eagle Ford was drilled by a company called Petrohawk in 2008 in LaSalle County, TX. Reserves for the Eagle Ford are estimated at 3 Billion Barrels of oil, and 50.2 trillion cubic feet of possible gas deposits that are recoverable. During the first 6 months of 2013 the area produced 2.69 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and about 599, 000 barrels of oil. By the end of 2013 production had increased dramatically to over 1M BOE/Day. In 2012 over 116,000 jobs were supported by the Eagle Ford Shale.

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