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Watford City sustains growth despite downturn

This bird's-eye view of Watford City gives a glimpse the city's continued growth. Oil’s still pumping, and Watford City’s still booming as it hosts new pipelines, gas processing plants and big infrastructure projects. Commercial and residential opportunities abound in this city on the grow.

McKenzie County is still seeing growth, despite recent layoffs and budget cuts that have dominated recent news headlines. While drilling has indeed slowed, production holds steady. As a result: permanent jobs and a steady stream of economic growth in the region. People might not be flocking to the Bakken like they were two years ago, but population in McKenzie County ...

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Measure twice, cut once: How Integrated Energy Services maximizes asset value

Measure twice, cut once: How Integrated Energy Services maximizes asset value

In the current economic climate, minimizing risk in the upstream oil and gas industry has become more important than ever, particularly in the refracturing process. Integrated Energy Services helps businesses reduce their refrac risk substantially. The Austin-based company provides advisory services to oil and gas producers working in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Refracturing is one way to increase profit and ...

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Sourcewater – helping SWDs stay afloat in turbulent times


Among the many challenges operators face in this down-market, produced water management remains their single largest operating expense. Across the board, onshore E&P’s have significantly reduced capital investment – rig counts are down and operators have high-graded assets. Yet, while ongoing declines in the price of oil further suppress drilling and completion activity, the constant stream of produced water from ...

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A modern guide to energy needs using natural gas generators

LTR SA3 pic

It’s nighttime in the oil field where a mass of natural gas generators are purring like a thousand lions on a savannah. Instead of fearing for your life, you rest easy as if you don’t have a concern in the world. These generators have your back. They’re as safe and sturdy as a pair of Carhartt coveralls. Who doesn’t want ...

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Texas consultant integrates fraccing with wireline logging


Bob Barba knows how to get the most value from bringing logs and fracs together. The principal consultant with Integrated Energy Services spent the first 10 years of his career with Schlumberger as an openhole field engineer, sales engineer, and product development manager. While at Schlumberger, he was the North American product champion for the FracHite and Quantifrac products that ...

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UL listed control panels are an essential asset for manufacturers looking for turnkey services


The evolution of problem solving “black rhinos” If you want to succeed in business, you have to think like a rhinoceros. At least that’s Scott Alexander’s theory in his book, Rhinoceros Success, targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs. The book was self-published in the 1980’s and divided the world into two groups – rhinos and cows. According to Alexander, “I realized the ...

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Rental company culture positions it for continuing success

ESPs 620x330

When it comes to safety and economic security in the oil and gas field, strong, long-term business relationships matter. According to a 2014 report (based on 2012 data) published by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH), the oil and gas industry’s fatality rate is now 24.2 deaths for every 100,000 full time workers vs. 3.2 deaths per ...

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