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Iran starts studies for constructing gas pipeline to Oman


The Iranian oil minister has assigned a subsidiary of the Oil Ministry to conduct studies related to the construction of a pipeline for exporting natural gas to Oman, the Pana News Agency reported on February 15. The two sides have reached agreements in their new round of talks in Tehran. Last week, the National Iranian Gas Exports Company reported that ...

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Iran’s sole geothermal power project halted due to budget deficit

no funds

The only geothermal power plant project in Iran has been halted due to the lack of sufficient funds, the Shana News Agency quoted Soheil Porkhial, an official at Iran’s Renewable Energies Organization as saying on Feb. 12. The power plant was projected to come on stream by the end of the fourth five-year national development plan (2015), he added. In ...

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Lovely detritus, ugly innovation: Kevin O’Connell evaluates the nation’s energy infrastructure

wind turbine

There is a dark side to renewable-energy equipment such as solar panels and wind turbines. While the infrastructure for renewable energy seems to have less impact on the environment than drilling for oil, mining coal, and hydraulic fracturing (commonly known as fracking), the structures that harness that energy still mar the landscape. Photographer Kevin O’Connell has made a career photographing ...

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Oil drillers pay for fracking workshops for teachers


Think of oil and gas drilling like removing the filling from a Twinkie, Ohio science teachers were told in an industry-funded workshop last week. Each teacher was handed a snack cake and a plastic straw. Put the straw in the wrong place, and you don’t get much cream. Put it in too many places, and you destroy the Twinkie. The ...

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Exelon may shut down nuclear plants in profit struggle

nuclear power

Chicago-based Exelon Corp. said Thursday on a conference call following its quarterly earnings results that it will shut down nuclear plants to save money if it doesn’t see a path to steady profits this year. The company’s large fleet of nuclear plants have struggled to remain profitable as they attempt to compete with subsidized renewable generation and stubbornly low natural ...

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China considers manufacturing cars in Saudi Arabia

Chinese cars

RIYADH — China is considering manufacturing cars in Saudi Arabia to meet rising local demand, the country’s Ambassador Li Chengwen said recently. Li said this would establish a vital market in the two countries. “There is a strong will by Chinese investors to produce automobiles here in the Kingdom, but the whole idea is under consideration and study.” He said ...

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Group says energy reforms in New England can reduce air pollution in region

air pollution

A regional environmental group is urging Connecticut officials and those in other New England states to take a series of steps to reduce air pollution. Environment Northeast, or ENE as it is known, released a report Monday called “EnergyVision: A Pathway to a Modern, Sustainable Low Carbon Economic and Environmental Future.” The 24-page report calls for reforms in four areas ...

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AAM Comments on Proposed Changes to Renewable Fuels Standard

renewable fuel

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Larry Matlack, a grain and forage producer from Burrton, Kan., on behalf of the American Agriculture Movement, has issued comments strongly opposing EPA’s draft proposal to reduce the 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO’s) targets of the Renewable Fuel Standards. “We urge you to reconsider this misguided decision and leave the required targets in place because the current ...

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Big Oil expects more cuts in renewables

WASHINGTON — The oil industry is increasingly optimistic that it will prevail in a high-stakes battle for a piece of the United States’ declining gasoline market. The Obama administration already yielded to oil companies once, with the Environmental Protection Agency’s November proposal to slash the amount of renewable fuels that refiners must use this year, putting the prospective quota 3 ...

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NH solar power isn’t as small as you’d think


Remember “small is beautiful”? That should be solar power’s slogan in New Hampshire. Other electricity-generating methods get all the attention due to big, controversial things — wind farms on ridgelines, Northern Pass, nuclear waste and costs, natural gas’ stranglehold on the grid — but solar is so small that it creeps under the radar. How small? Well, the biggest solar ...

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