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US trade protest over India solar energy program

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. brought a trade complaint against India Monday over a solar energy program it says discriminates against American manufacturers, adding another wrinkle to a bilateral relationship strained by the recent arrest and strip-search of an Indian diplomat. It is the second time in a year that Washington has requested dispute settlement consultations with India over the ...

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No water means no power for Modesto area hydroelectric producers


This year’s devastating drought may cost Northern San Joaquin Valley irrigation districts more than $20 million in lost hydroelectric power. Severely reduced water flows from Sierra reservoirs means turbines won’t be generating nearly as much electricity as usual. That’s going to cause multimillion-dollar losses for the Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Oakdale and South San Joaquin irrigation districts, all of which use ...

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From Bitcoin’s notoriety sprouts a new green currency

solar coin

Bitcoin, the contentious online currency, has been grabbing headlines lately, but the idea of spending digital money is still a novel one. Greenwich resident John Dolan hopes it won’t be for too long. Dolan, chair of the SolarCoin Foundation, along with a group of like-minded individuals loosely termed volunteers, is investing time and energy in SolarCoin, a virtual currency that ...

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Human waste equates to money and power in Inland Empire agency’s sustainable energy bid


ONTARIO — Human waste is being turned into money and power in Ontario. It’s a scenario that fuel cell industry researchers and supporters hope will continue to expand throughout the state as the government and industry continue the bid for more sustainable energy. The Inland Empire Utilities Agency sewage treatment plant in Ontario is using a product from wastewater to ...

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Lovely detritus, ugly innovation: Kevin O’Connell evaluates the nation’s energy infrastructure

wind turbine

There is a dark side to renewable-energy equipment such as solar panels and wind turbines. While the infrastructure for renewable energy seems to have less impact on the environment than drilling for oil, mining coal, and hydraulic fracturing (commonly known as fracking), the structures that harness that energy still mar the landscape. Photographer Kevin O’Connell has made a career photographing ...

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China considers manufacturing cars in Saudi Arabia

Chinese cars

RIYADH — China is considering manufacturing cars in Saudi Arabia to meet rising local demand, the country’s Ambassador Li Chengwen said recently. Li said this would establish a vital market in the two countries. “There is a strong will by Chinese investors to produce automobiles here in the Kingdom, but the whole idea is under consideration and study.” He said ...

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NJR Clean Energy Ventures to invest $42 million in Iowa wind farm

future wind farm

WALL — NJR Clean Energy Ventures will invest $42 million in a wind farm located on 1,000 acres of rural farmland in Carroll County, Iowa about 65 miles outside of Des Moines, the company said Wednesday. NJR Clean Energy Ventures, an unregulated distributed power subsidiary of Wall-based New Jersey Resources, will construct, own and operate the wind farm, the company’s ...

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3M named to U.S.-Chinese clean energy research team


3M Co. will participate in a clean-energy research partnership with China as part of a dual-nation approach to developing greener methods of heating and cooling buildings, company officials said Tuesday. 3M will work with other American and Chinese scientists and engineers as part of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center’s 14-member Building Energy Efficiency Consortium. The 3M partnership, which is ...

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Clarkson student discovers wastewater lagoon potential as fuel source


CANTON — The village’s 8.5-acre wastewater treatment lagoons could be a biofuel source, thanks to millions of tiny creatures that are what they eat. The discovery was made by Stephanie A. Kring, a Clarkson University doctoral student studying environmental science and engineering. “We were curious about what kind of algae were naturally growing in the wastewater lagoons in the Canton ...

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Group says energy reforms in New England can reduce air pollution in region

air pollution

A regional environmental group is urging Connecticut officials and those in other New England states to take a series of steps to reduce air pollution. Environment Northeast, or ENE as it is known, released a report Monday called “EnergyVision: A Pathway to a Modern, Sustainable Low Carbon Economic and Environmental Future.” The 24-page report calls for reforms in four areas ...

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