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Clean energy in Georgia comes with some nasty side effects

BUTLER — Solar farms sprout across South Georgia like mushrooms after a storm. Biomass factories down east produce wood pellets to meet Europe’s renewable energy needs. Natural gas pipelines crisscross the state delivering cleaner energy to homes and factories. Huge turbines off the coast might one day harness the wind’s all-natural power. Georgia is finally embracing the renewable energy revolution ...

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Exxon sees abundant oil, gas far into future

NEW YORK — North America, once a sponge that sucked in a significant portion of the world’s oil, will instead be supplying the world with oil and other liquid hydrocarbons by the end of this decade, according to ExxonMobil’s annual long-term energy forecast. And the “almost unspeakable” amount of natural gas found in recent years in the U.S. and elsewhere ...

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Michigan’s energy boom more about wind than oil

Michigan sits at the precipice of an energy boom, and the future is not just about oil, gas and pipelines. Wind energy and recycling hold as much promise, if not more, to create new investment and jobs over several decades as does drilling for fossil fuels. Also, an unprecedented construction boom to upgrade or replace coal-fired power plants means billions ...

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5 European countries produce nearly all of their electricity with no-carbon sources

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media As the United States continues to push the boundaries of potential oil and gas extraction, many Europeans nations are pursuing the upper-limits on the cleaner side of the energy spectrum. According to a recent study from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), five European countries now generate more than 90% of their net electricity ...

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Many Nations Wary Of Extracting Carbon From Air To Fix Climate

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* China, EU among those wanting stress on risks of technologies * Extracting carbon untested as climate fix, many say * U.N. panel meets to issue report on slowing climate change By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent OSLO, April 8 (Reuters) – Many nations want a draft U.N. report to tone down prospects for sucking greenhouse gases from the air to help fix ...

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Report challenges ‘clean energy’ claims of biomass

Biomass power plants use loopholes in clean air laws to emit more pollution, on a per megawatt basis, than coal-fired electricity generating facilities, according to a new report issued Tuesday. Across the country many new plants have been built or are under construction since 2005, according to the report, titled Trees, Trash and Toxics: How Biomass Energy Has Become the ...

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Sonoco goes green in big way

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HARTSVILLE — Sonoco unveiled what company officials said is the largest biomass boiler in South Carolina on Friday at its plant headquarters in Hartsville. The two-year, $75 million project enables the international manufacturer to convert wood chips into steam power that is used to augment traditional carbon-based power sources that primarily fuel the plant. The new boiler took the company ...

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Pellets pitched as fuel for Oahu


A Houston-based energy company estimates Hawaiian Electric Co. could save 30 percent or more on its fuel costs by burning the firm’s compressed wood pellets instead of fuel oil to generate electricity. Zilkha Biomass Energy conducted a series of studies in 2012 and 2013 that demonstrated the feasibility of burning its “Black Pellets” in steam boilers at the Waiau and ...

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