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EDITORIAL: Tracking fracking

WE SUPPORT newly elected governor Tom Wolf for restoring a moratorium on natural-gas hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on state parklands. His action last week reversed a move by Gov. Tom Corbett, a guy who never met a fracker he didn’t like, who lifted an earlier ban on the activity less than a year ago. Allowing fracking in state parks was not ...

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Editorial: Dig deeper into Enbridge pipeline with impact statement

“Everybody is concerned about the safety of their communities, and Enbridge is, too. We definitely want to work with communities so they feel safe with the pipeline and understand that Enbridge is working to protect that community.” –Becky Haase, Enbridge spokeswoman Janesville Councilman Jim Farrell is right. The state Department of Natural Resources should back up and do an environmental ...

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Editorial: Obama should sign Keystone Pipeline bill

The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to follow the House in authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Amendments remain to be worked out with the House, but a compromise version is expected to reach President Obama’s desk as soon as next week. And Obama, who has appealed to Republicans to work with him — including on infrastructure, beyond this one ...

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Editorial: Fracking ban unconstitutional, says federal judge

A federal court ruling last week should put a stop to the war on fracking— a counterproductive movement that threatens the economic security of every man, woman and child in Colorado. The Gazette has said it routinely in recent years. Fracking bans stomp on private property rights, which are protected by the federal and state constitutions. A city or county has ...

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Less drilling, more dealing

For an oil and gas company belonging to a very narrow stripe of the industry that’s well capitalized, long-term oriented and opportunistic, this might be a good time to make a deal. Some industry experts predict 2015 may turn out to be a year of less drilling and more dealing, as low oil and natural gas prices force some companies ...

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EDITORIAL: Stuck on the pipeline

In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama tweaked Republicans for their championing so vigorously the Keystone pipeline project. “Let’s set our sights higher than a single oil pipeline,” he nudged. Good idea, if the objective is a comprehensive plan to update the nation’s public works, including broadband. Worthy, too, is the notion that if the pipeline ...

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Editorial: Soak-the-rich scheme would hurt us all

President Barack O’Robin Hood spoke to the American people Tuesday and promised everything short of maid service. In his last two years, the president will take from the rich and give to the poor — if the Republicans will let him. To fund free college, a tripling of child care support, tax benefits for a select group and higher mandatory ...

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OPINION: Hegar tells it like it actually may be

economy in wood pieces

Texas accounts for 17 percent of U.S. exports and has been the No. 1 export state since 2002. Those are fun facts — or should be since, at their core, they’re about money. They’re among the facts in the Texas Comptroller’s Biennial Revenue Estimate, which is a lot more interesting than its title suggests. We should be excited about our ...

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