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Bryan Rhoads performs resistance testing on Exciter Stator at LTR’s Central Repair Facility.

Faster turnaround and quality control: Why LTR’s CRF saves customers money

LTR has locations in almost every major oil and gas producing area in the country. With locations in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas, it might seem strange that the majority of repairs are done at their Central Repair Facility in Cleburne, Texas, just outside of the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area.

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Jason Aubel performs a cylinder wall inspection on a natural gas generator. Aubel is an EGSA certified systems technician apprentice, and part of the team of highly-skilled technicians at LTR’s Central Repair Facility.

But when asked why a Central Repair Facility is important, manager Shawn Diamond had more reasons that we could count. But three reasons stood out: Faster Turnaround, Specialized Capabilities and Quality Control.

With EGSA certified technicians and proprietary processes, the CRF has the ability to repair equipment with incredible efficiency and accuracy. They not only repair equipment when it’s broken, but ensure that there’s always a natural gas generator with the latest upgrades ready to go when a customer needs it. They perform critical preventative and predictive maintenance and create innovative solutions for customers.

There’s so much more to it, so be sure to read the entire article about LTR’s Central Repair Facility on their website.

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