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texas traffic fatalities
Texas consistently records the highest number of traffic fatalities in the nation, according to new research by Herrman & Herrman. Photo: Pixabay.

A Continuing Problem: Tackling The High Rate of Texas Traffic Fatalities

As a researcher and writer, I have always been fascinated by trends in statistics. Whenever I am assigned a new project, before I even begin writing, I start delving into the numbers. Recently, I’ve been working on projects for clients that that discuss traffic crashes and what causes them. I worked on one for residents of Australia, and most recently, I’ve been looking at fatal crash statistics in Texas.

Source: Herrman & Herrman.

Source: Herrman & Herrman.

The information I discovered was fascinating. Rates of traffic fatalities in Australia and other countries are of course too high, but the US consistently has higher rates. And which state consistently has the highest rate of traffic caused fatalities? If you guessed the Lone Star State, you are correct.

Why so many traffic fatalities?

There is really no general consensus among experts about why Texas has consistently had the highest rate of traffic fatalities in the country, but if you live in Texas, there are some things that you can do to help. I’ve made a list of the top ways that drivers cause fatal crashes, and most of them can be stopped by drivers themselves.

Number one? Don’t drive while intoxicated or under the influence of other substances. In 2014 alone, 963 people died in alcohol -related crashes in Texas, and drugged driving added another 448 deaths to the overall number.

Another rising, but preventable cause of traffic fatalities is distracted driving. Simply put, if you’re on the road, you need to put your phone away. The same goes for makeup, food, or anything else that is taking your focus off of the highway. Sending that text may seem important at the moment, but it is certainly not worth the loss of your life or someone else’s.

texas traffic fatalities

A screenshot from the interactive map showing 2016 Texas traffic fatalities. Data collected by Hannah Bessinger for Herrman & Herrman.

Other ways you can make sure you’re doing everything possible to avoid traffic crashes? Make sure your car is in good shape and make sure you understand traffic laws. Many crashes are caused by simple traffic law violations, such as people speeding, failing to yield or failing to stop at a stop light or stop sign. Mechanical issues can also cause accidents, so make sure that you get your car inspected regularly.

While these steps cannot completely eliminate the rate of traffic fatalities in Texas, they can go a long way towards lowering them. So next time you get in your car and hit the highway, be sure to put safety first.

If you’re interested in learning more about traffic fatalities in Texas, check out the infographic talked about in this article here.

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