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Grain bins and silos can be lined with spray foam to ensure a watertight seal and prevent grain from rotting while also increasing structural integrity.

How farmers and ranchers are using spray foam insulation

Most people typically think about spray foam insulation for home construction, commercial buildings, and roofing since it prevents leaks, wards off humidity and mitigates temperature fluctuation. It makes heating and cooling more cost-effective.

But spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, has taken the agricultural industry by storm, too, with farmers and ranchers seeing the benefits of spray foam over other traditional types of insulation.

“SPF can be applied to most types of construction materials to form a completely seamless, air and water-tight membrane,” said Ted Medford, president of Profoam Corporation. “This reduces operating costs by effectively eliminating unwanted air infiltration, since side walls, end walls, and ridge caps are sealed and insulated effectively.”

Since SPF can be used on almost any building, farmers and ranchers saw its potential for use in several types of applications. Here are just a few: Barns, bins, poultry houses, cold storage, and even growhouses for the fast-growing marijuana industry all benefit from SPF. Read all the details at Marcellus.com to see how…


Why spray foam is saving the ag industry big money

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