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LTR provides its customers with solutions for site lighting, power generation, fluid handling, water management, well site heating, and other ancillary equipment. LTR was one of the first oilfield rental companies to become a leader in the Natural Gas Generator market, which uses well head gas to power the location, providing cost effective solutions for power generation.

Survival in today’s oil and gas climate means changing with the times and being an innovator

It’s tough being in the oil and gas industry right now.

But the companies who have survived, and in many cases flourished during this most recent downturn, have relied on simple, straightforward and time-tested approaches to their business to weather the storm.  They have also been innovators in their field, offering distinctive new environmentally friendly products with a smaller carbon footprint.

Light Tower Rentals (LTR) is one such company that has not only continued to provide valuable field services to the industry, but has actually expanded into new areas where growth is burgeoning.

The name may be a little misleading, since LTR does so much more than their initial offering of renting light towers for the oil patch, but the dedication and commitment to providing safe, cost-effective solutions to producers has never wavered.

Now one of the largest independent power generation rental companies in America, LTR provides power products designed to work in some of the harshest onshore conditions around.  Anyone who has ever spent any time in a West Texas summer or a North Dakota winter can attest to the fact that weather conditions can be brutal on equipment.  But the fact remains that wherever oil is being pulled from the ground, power is the number one resource that is needed.

And that’s where LTR shines as bright as the thousand-plus light towers it now has placed around the country.

LTR provides both diesel and gas generators to drilling, completion, workover and production sites.  While the gamut of diesel generators runs from 60kw to 600kw, the innovation they offer comes in the form of the natural gas generators, powered by the gas generated at the wellsite.

That gas, which in years past was flared off, is converted into a power source which is more efficient, quieter and significantly more environmentally friendly than either burning diesel or flaring gas.  In addition, the use of a natural gas generator is not only going to result in lower operating costs for the producer, it’s a giant step forward in complying with the current governmental regulations already in place, as well as those future regulations mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

light tower

Although Light Tower Rentals (LTR) started out renting self-contained lighting in the Permian Basin, today the company has more than doubled in size and expanded into 20 locations throughout the United States.

Another side benefit, and a safety consideration as well, is the elimination of the need for transporting and storing fuel at the site.  This can cut costs drastically, as well as keep the infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) near the site from deteriorating quickly.

The big differentiator between LTR and other companies who may supply power generating equipment is LTR’s dedication to the adherence of their five primary company values: safety, integrity, customer service, teamwork and accountability.  This set of values permeates every nook and cranny of the organization from the CEO on down.  And it is especially evident in the field, where it counts most for the customer.

Case in point: before any equipment goes out into the field, LTR’s Natural Gas Genset professionals meet and work with the customers to make sure that the units being ordered are the right size for their particular field application.  Before the equipment is placed into service, it goes through a vigorous multi-point inspection procedure to make sure everything will perform to the client specifications.  And while the units are in service, they are remotely monitored 24/7 by LTR with real-time alerts designed to reduce downtime.  In one recent situation in the Bakken formation, LTR was able to save an operator over $800,000 simply by conducting a load analysis and discovering they could reduce the number of generators needed by 25%+ by sizing the generators to the output required.   The end result was a satisfied customer and a healthier bottom line for the operator.  This tradition of excellence and happy, repeat customers has allowed LTR to expand, even during this most recent industry downturn.

As part of their expansion, LTR recently opened a new branch office in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Fort Collins office supports customers in the Niobrara/DJ Basin, now giving LTR a presence in virtually every major oil producing area of the continental United States. The new Fort Collins location supplies portable power generation, lighting, heating and other ancillary equipment for drilling, completions and production applications.

They’ve come a long way since their founding 22 years ago when they started out with eight rental light towers.  And even though they’ve successfully expanded into power generation, tank rentals, air compressors and pumps (among others), LTR still stands for Light Tower Rentals.

It also stands for superior, safe, and reliable oilfield solutions.

Maybe that’s why they never changed their name.


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