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Hundreds more job cuts announced in Texas

Texas can expect yet another wave of job cuts throughout the oil and gas sector as numerous firms have announced a combined 700 employee reduction in the upcoming months.

Recently, ConocoPhillips announced a 10 percent reduction in its total labor force. According to a report from Fuel Fix, this equates to more than 500 positions in the Houston area, at 10 separate facilities around the city.

“In light of the current market environment, ConocoPhillips is taking action focused on increasing efficiency and reducing costs,” the company said in a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission.

In East Texas, oil support firm Bronco Oilfield Services is planning to cut 52 employees around Oct. 30 and close a facility in Longview, Texas. In a release, the company stated that it intends to offer severance benefits to employees who are eligible and that remain employed until the date of closure.

Cameron International— the firm that agreed to a $12.8 billion buyout by Schlumberger— told the Texas Workforce Commission it is cutting 150 staff members over the next four months at its Brittmoore facility in Houston. Cameron stated that “the current declining business conditions” were the reasoning behind the cuts. The company will begin layoffs Nov. 2 and implement another round on Dec. 7.

Unfortunately, Cameron does not have any sort of policy provisions for transferring employees. The company did note, however, that employees may apply for any open positions at any other company locations.


  1. Well I’m glad I decided to continue my career

  2. I’m not involved in the oil field, but this will not last as long as they think. Production is being pulled back, and the U.S. is at record highs in consumption.
    Globally not so great, BUT as Soon as China turns things around and now we about to strike on ISIS, I believe Europe will breath again and move forward. If this occurs, we will be back in 70-80$ oil again.
    GOT to get demand up though to draw down this supply level.

    • As long as idiot hussian obama is in office there will not be any strikes on ISIS I wouldn’t doubt he is one of them.

    • Coalition has already begun there invasion. I believe there is WAY more to this “migration” than we are being told on media.
      This is a set up “in my opinion”
      To go aggressively after ISIS.
      You talking 800,000 people “migrating” allegedly out of Syria and Irag?…… Way more to this deal than people doing that on their own free will.
      But watch in next days and weeks to come the attacks in that region will escalate.

    • For not knowing about that much oil stuff that’s a mouth full.

    • Hahaha. Well I didn’t say I don’t follow oil and global economics. I’m just not “involved” in the oil industry.
      This is just my opinion based on what I follow. Very interesting to me how 10% movements in the market are becoming common. That’s not “general economic swings”.

  3. Más razón para estar agradecido con la puerta que Dios te abrió con Muñoz Engineering! Sometimes we fail to see that God is at work..

  4. It’s fixing to blow up, as in get real busy!!!!

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