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JM Oil Field Services downsizing in the Eagle Ford Shale

Job cuts keep coming in the Eagle Ford as JM Oil Field Services (JMOS) laid off 150 or more workers Monday morning.

The news came to a surprise to employees operating at the company headquarters in Gonzales, Texas. As one source noted, many believed their jobs were secured thanks to an acquisition on behalf of Twin Peaks Field Services in May, 2015.

“We all gathered at the yard and they told us the news,” stated Marc, a former JMOS truck driver of the past three years whose last name is left out upon request. “There are a whole lot of families who were depending on these jobs.”

Marc said that maybe a big company in the area will pick up his job along with others. However, he noted that the work won’t feel the same.

JMOS has previously held operation in Three Rivers, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Many of these locations have either slowed down significantly or closed altogether.  In May, JMOS was recorded as having over 300 employees and operating approximately 130 trucks in the Eagle Ford Basin, Permian Basin and in Arkansas.

Other companies in the southern states continue their own layoffs. In the past week, Halliburton announced an undisclosed number of employees would be let go from its facility in Farmington, and Artesia, New Mexico.

A representative for JMOS could not be reached for comment.



  2. Sounds like the price per BO could be rising. You all will be back at it in no time.

  3. I worked at JM and all I can say is I Loved my job. I got to work with some awesome people who became life long friends and prayers for everyone all my JM family. ..

  4. Let’s play the (I’m gonna go work the oilfield and make a sh*t load of money buy new car and house and then loose my job after 4 months lol)

  5. Had some good people come on our locations, praying for those affected!

  6. Ready for some damn good news for a change!!! Hope everyone gets on their feet.

  7. Da##it!! I see those trucks everyday driving the roads. Prayers to all!

  8. Nothing like golf with john and j&m lol. Crazy times

  9. Looking for a couple 130bbl vac truck drivers. San Antonio area
    Message me if interested!!!!

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