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Odessa car theft results in multiple stab wounds

A 22-year-old man sustained serious injuries in a stabbing that erupted Wednesday after he tried to retrieve his stolen car. The Odessa American reports Jose Pinon-Arroyo was pumping gas at a Stripes gas station on West University in Odessa when a man stole his gold Ford Contour and drove off.

Pinon-Arroyo later spotted the suspect inside the stolen vehicle and tailed him to the city limits. When the car Pinon-Arroyo was in collided with the stolen car, the suspect confronted him and stabbed him all over his body.

A private vehicle transported Pinon-Arroyo to Medical Center Hospital where his injuries were treated.

Police have yet to make an arrest, but Pinon-Arroyo described the suspect as a 5’5 Hispanic male in his mid 20s. The Odessa Police are asking residents for any information surrounding the case by contacting the police station by calling Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS.

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