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Texas Classic Production 2014 East Texas Oil and Gas Expo.

South Texas Oilfield Expo hits back against oil price uncertainty

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Trade show development and management company Texas Classic Production is gearing up for their second show of the season in South Texas. The oil and gas industry expo is themed with the heavy question every oilfield-oriented company is biting its nails over, “How do we survive falling oil prices?”

On July 29th and 30th, San Antonio will be the Promised Land for oil and gas companies seeking solace in times of market hardship.  Attendees are heading to the South Texas Oilfield Expo where a flood of exhibitors await to earn new business partnerships.  According to representatives of Texas Classic Productions, the San Antonio show is the largest oil and gas expo serving the Eagle Ford Shale.

“Defend Your Business against Falling Oil Prices” is the theme of this year’s expo happening in the mecca of the Eagle Ford Shale play. Surviving the bust is by far the top challenge of 2015. That’s why many businesses are determined to take advantage of the networking and deal-makings the South Texas Expo has become known for. “Our Shows connect providers with active buyers who are looking for solutions that will help them cut costs and increase efficiency.” stated Vice President of Marketing Michelle Manningham. “Opportunities for both attendees and exhibitors are endless.”

At the event, attendees will have a unique chance to ask questions on-the-spot about products and services. In addition, negotiations between businesses, which could usually take numerous phone calls and weeks of back and forth communication, are handled efficiently within two days.

At these shows, businesses are fighting over customers, which is good news for professionals looking to find the best price and conditions. All the while, exhibiting companies have the fortune of remaining up-to-date on the latest industry developments while showing new products, services, developing new leads and prospects and of course, making sales.

Having such vast resources in one location is a huge time and money saver for companies, two resources that are vital in an oil price slump. Trade events like the South Texas Expo are one of the most economically efficient ways to maximize a company’s presence in such a loud market.

“Everybody knows the industry has its ups and downs.  But the people who take the time now to create partnerships and build relationships are going to come out stronger when oil prices rise.  Our shows give oil and gas professionals a deal-making, industry-exclusive place to do just that.”

In related news, Forward oil prices anchor around $75: Kemp.

Companies around the country and abroad are realizing that very idea. While many in the industry are cutting cost and tightening budgets, businesses are not slashing the funds it takes to participate at trade shows. “A one-on-one conversation can’t be accomplished through email or advertising,” stated Manningham. “It’s the best way to spend marketing dollars.” For companies looking to survive the bust, an Expo like this could hold the sale or the connections that mean the difference between profits or going into the red in 2015.

Business testimonials have stated time and again that the shows organized by Texas Classic Productions have offered all the necessary tools and information to be successful. Manningham discussed some of the successful sales she’s seen happen over recent shows.

“Last year, one of our companies closed a deal on the first day worth $124,000. Another company signed a $1.4 million contract on the spot. I saw another business close a $750,000 sales with a 75-truck fleet at the show.  I could give you quotes all day long,” Manningham said with a laugh.

Check out the video below to hear testimonies from company representatives about the success they have found at Texas Classic Productions.

If you are looking to exhibit at the San Antonio show or any of the upcoming production shows, find more information on registration and the floor plan of the expo here.

What: South Texas Oil Field Expo

When: July 29-30, 2015

Where: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center San Antonio, Texas.

Price: FREE for attendees who pre-register online or $25 at the door. For Exhibitors, please call (866) 918-5550 or click here for more information.

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