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Dispute turns deadly for oil and gas employer

Few can deny that working in the oilfield is dangerous. But an industry work yard was the site of an entirely different type of danger Thursday, resulting in the death of an employer.

Although no names have been released to the public as of yet, deputies are investigating the death of an employer at Oil & Gas Production Management L.L.C. (OGPM) in Atascosa County, according to Fox 29. The employer had been meeting with a business partner/employee to discuss employee concerns and salaries.

The two men began to quarrel, and initial reports from the deputies show that the employer was the first to reach for his firearm. Matthew Miller, a captain from the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, described the situation: “The business owner allegedly attempted to reach out of his jacket pocket to pull out a pistol, the employee told him over and over again not to pull it out, whenever he pulled his gun out, the employee pulled his gun out and shot 3 to 5 times.”

The victim, originally from Deer Park, was shot three times. Immediately after the incident, 911 received a call from the business partner. The 43-year-old Clyde man will remain in custody for the duration of the investigation.

OGPM is an oil field service company based in San Antonio focusing on transportation needs in the Eagle Ford shale formation in Texas.


  1. Man oilfield ain’t worth the head ache ruining too many people . People it is all about family and supporting them

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