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More than 100 arrested in Texas in prostitution sting

HOUSTON — Officials say more than 100 people in Texas were arrested as part of a national effort to combat prostitution.

The operation, called the National Day of Johns Arrests, started mid-January and ended this month. Almost 40 law enforcement agencies in 17 states participated.

Deputies say among those arrested in Harris County include a firefighter with the Houston Fire Department and a county worker. A former reserve deputy with the San Jacinto (juh-SIN’-toh) County Sheriff’s Office also was taken into custody.

In related news, Oil patch hotels combating prostitution.

The Houston Chronicle says the Harris County employee has resigned. Messages left by the newspaper to the fire department weren’t returned.

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  1. Learn the rules friend. I can help.

  2. So glad we are focusing on the real problems in tx. Smh

  3. Prostitution being illegal is retarded

  4. Where is the freedom in this country

  5. So glad they are taking them off the streets! Should have happened sooner! The men an using them are worthless an pathetic as are the girls! It’s morally wrong! An against everything God says!!!

    • You need to look into human trafficking. A lot of these girls are forced into prostition. Some are even kidnapped from their homes or promised a better life. Even the ones that weren’t are abused and assaulted. I feel sorry for them. I pray they get the help and tools they need to get out of what they got themselves into.

    • To Stormie:

      If you are going to bring God into it I believe there is some reference to a follower of Jesus as being a prostiture. Mary Magadeline.

      Prostitution should be legalized. It’s as old as time.

  6. God says to love and respect. Now why do you have to classify love?

  7. My thought is more along the lines of let them do as they please. It may be against my morals as a person but since I do I would not partake in the business. I feel our laws in this country need to be simplified. If something is against your morals as a person then you’re not going to be around it or partake in it and if you’re partner/spouse does then maybe you need to reevaluate if that person is right for you.

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