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The company logo of Halliburton oilfield services corporate offices is seen in Houston, Texas April 6, 2012. Credit: Reuters/Richard Carson via NewsCred

Breaking: Halliburton to purchase Baker Hughes

Dow Jones reported today that Halliburton may buy Baker Hughes. The companies are two of the largest oil field service companies in the world. Prior to the announcement it has been stated that Baker Hughes is worth around $22 billion dollars. Halliburton has an estimated worth of $47 billion.  Both companies currently have declined to comment on the acquisition.

If the two companies combine it would create a drilling conglomerate worth an estimated $67 billion. Baker Hughes employs 61,000 people. Halliburton employs 80,000. Schlumberger, the industry’s current leader, is worth $125 billion.

This rumor comes on the tails of a ‘oil price panic’ due to rapidly dropping oil prices. Most industry leaders are not only banking on prices going back up, but they are assuring investors and journalists alike that they will. This merger would be one of the largest in recent energy industry history.


  1. lol. My guess is that they will stick with Halliburton. Though I think they now have a great excuse to change their name to something new, since Halliburton carries a lot of negative connotations with the general public.

  2. Yea Halliburton is cheap when it comes to paying trucks for frac sand.

  3. Halliburton is going to be a monopoly before to long. Frac, cement, logging, coil tubing, snubbing, and now fishing and packers? I’m sure I left something out.

  4. Drilling and completions fluids Robert D. Smlth lol

  5. Sterling Reece Spencer Mickelsen John Warman Rick Schultz

  6. Both companies have the best to offer customers. And the prices are very competitive. A lot of people hate on Halliburton for no reason. Mainly because they have to hire retards and those people give any company a bad name. I think Baker has the best in Fishing and Drilling Tools. Halliburton stimulation,Cement and Coil technology is about the best. But that’s from my experience.

  7. Just a bigger corporation
    More tax breaks

  8. Good I want to get in for work iv tried

  9. I like them both job is a job to do


  11. Halliburton B HUGH! HBH Energy

  12. Good news. They are both right down the street from http://www.efshalerv.com !

  13. Halliburton will rule the world I fear. To bad their wireline sucks!

  14. I welcome our new Hallibaker overlords.

  15. Baker Hughes “A Halliburton Company”

  16. Yea wireline is questionable very on the completion side.

  17. If they buy baker, maybe we can get decent management for a change

  18. We try to buy baker every three years

  19. Jordan Schlumberger is the top dog. There must be two more.

  20. Guess we’ll see. Heard they don’t pay that great

  21. Holy crap does this mean I’m getting a raise? Haha

  22. Andres Sandoval YEAH WE WERE TOLD TODAY. DavidRyan Reyna

  23. Do it so I can retire…..got a lot of stock in both of them!

  24. Hell yes we might get a raise now

  25. Do y’all think baker management is better than Halliburton haha funny

  26. Maybe this way they can actually hire people who want to work. My husband has been applying for the longest time now and all he gets is the rejection email saying he didn’t meet their requirements.. Even after he submitted all his certificates and updated licenses.. Yet the one who doesn’t have any experience or certifications gets the call back right away..

    • From my knowledge, being a oil field chemical planner for schlumberger(GO BIG BLUE)North American sector. Many oil and gas companies are more likely to extend employment opportunities to some with little to no experience for training purposes. They prefer to have someone still wet behind the ears to train according to company standards. They need people to do as the company needs and not go against their processes. I’m sure your husband is very knowledgeable and very good at his job or whichever he be applying for, but sometimes being to good can be a bad thing. I have gotten that from many other service companies before Schlumberger. Hang in there he will get a lead.

  27. Jason Schmidt we could hope for a stock split…

  28. Oh nice!! Do I get a raise?? Lol.

  29. This rumor pops up about every 2 years. Probably still a bunch of BS

  30. B H I (Baker Halliburton Inc.)

  31. Joshua Jayme uhhh… Surely yall have seen this

  32. Hope not, don’t want to halliburton Baker Hughes.

  33. Why not Halliburton owns the whole world

  34. This is a rumor ain’t going to happen!!!!

  35. This is a rumor ain’t going to happen!!!!

  36. We got an email from our CEO today

  37. Not even without experience. It’s who you know OF COURSE!

  38. You could end up working for a giant

  39. Already did. Two war zones. Ha ha

  40. Then Halliburton will be a subsidiary of Weatherford

  41. Interesting, money money money.

  42. Serious, big B word involved here

  43. Big Fish Eats Little One…..As long as it makes more jobs and bigger dreams….

  44. In my opinion it be a monopoly

  45. Schlumberger ❤️ my client. Nick Wagner Joey Halverson, you boys are in w a great company.

  46. Baker screwed me pretty hard as a machinist for them in 08/09. A year and a half with not 1 raise, after promised and promised. Then I got laid off in the 4th round

  47. Halliburton, the cheapest SOB’s in the oulfield. I Would rather work at Wal Mart

  48. Halliburton going to do the same thing they do to every company they buy witch is change the company name to Halliburton

  49. All they want, is to get bigger than Schlumberger.

  50. Who cares the name will it open up more jobs for people

  51. John Favor, Schumberger is the biggest third party in the oilfield and by far the best. Halliburton is a horrible company that is up to no good. I have worked hand and hand with all these companies when they come to run cement on land and offshore rigs. Schumberger is by far the best out of all these companies.

  52. Halliburton is building concentration camps

  53. Reminds me of PHI ( Petroleum Helicopters Inc). There was a saying we used back in the late ’70s early ’80s. Fly and die with PHI. In reality, they were probably the best chopper service when it came to flying us out to the rigs. Seemed like all the pilots flew choppers while serving in Vietnam.

  54. When halliburton buys a company the first thing they do is layoff about half the people. That’s what they did when they bought dresser. I was layed off for three years before I got to go back. Now I have 15 years with them. Our business has slowly went down hill. Management sucks. The raises suck worse. If you don’t have a degree or suck a lot of ass, they don’t care about you.

  55. They can always switch there name to WORTLESS

  56. Yea, I am with Beau. I work for Baker and from what I have heard it most certainly can and might happen.

  57. Bola de maricas, Alvaro Sandagorda Vargas!

  58. Might not be good as like with nabors completions and production merging with cj energy nabors went down hill on a few of its product line yet merger has been officially done yet. Regardless both baker and halliburton don’t pay well in frac cement or much any other product lines that’s why I have stayed away from them. Weatherford payed better in coil then schlumberger did too.

  59. My wife works for Halliburton and they are talking about it there.

  60. I would guess that there are divisions of these companies that cannot be merged due to antitrust laws. The drill bits of both constitute a large portion of the market. The same might prove true for various divisions.

  61. I work for champion technologies with is owned by nalco which Is owned by ecolab. Those are our biggest competitor

  62. C o halliburton 3ala baker

  63. I feel bad for all the baker employees

  64. Crazy traffic to this story!!

  65. I remember you guys…Lalo and Ernie…how have y’all been??? I have a different company man now that I work for, he isn’t near as cool as Lalo but who is…lol

  66. Dam i hope not halliburton sucks dick

  67. They’ll probably keep the Halliburton name and disappear Baker Hughes name…

  68. I work for Baker coil in 2010 baker bought BJ services for 5.5 billion a bunch of worn out equipment is what we have, maybe Halliburton would pay bonus’s and buy a new damned pump once in awhile..

  69. That will be it Joel Stratton!!!

  70. Hell no better not happen baker Hughes is awesome that would suck!!

  71. I feel sorry for Halliburton employees Baker sucks

  72. With this they will control almost 50% of the market when it comes to cement. I expect layoffs on both sides along with ways to manipulate market shares as well as prices.

  73. Baker Hughes A Halliburton Company

  74. not since they took over out BJSvcs. Baker just never seemed to find its footing since then.

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