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fargo, nd

North Dakota city ranked best place for college grads

Business Insider recently reported which US cities are the best places for recent college graduates to live.  The list features places such as Washington, DC;  Austin, TX;  Madison, WI; and Boston, MA.  But Fargo, ND came out on top. The city’s low unemployment rate and large number of young people are attributed to its high ranking. The entire state of North Dakota has been feeling the positive effects that energy development in the western part of the state has had on the economy. Although Fargo is in the eastern portion and is not really involved in the oil and gas industry, the oil boom has positively impacted its economy. Fargo has the lowest unemployment rate out of any of the other cities on the list at just 3.3 percent.  Housing is also ranked as an affordable commodity, showing 67.5 percent of households using less than 35 percent of their income on housing.

The fiscal recession that the rest of the country is facing has made it difficult for millennials to find high-paying jobs, despite their expensive student loan bills. Finding the right place to start their lives with both affordable housing and entry-level jobs has been a challenge for many young people. This has caused once quiet cities such as Fargo to expand into younger, up and coming cities representing the state’s prosperity in an otherwise unprosperous time.

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