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Cheyenne, Wyoming refinery pays up for costly mistakes

HollyFrontier Corp., an independent energy company, has agreed to pay a $153,000 penalty for faulty emergency management planning and reporting at its Cheyenne, Wyoming refinery, according to the Casper-Star Tribune. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made the announcement on Monday.

EPA inspectors found the refinery had not met requirements for risk management for facilities housing large supplies of flammable chemical mixtures and hydrogen fluoride. According to the EPA, the Cheyenne refinery failed to follow internal pipe inspection procedures and provided inadequate training to employees on how to operate processing equipment. The facility was also cited for its reporting to the government. The company miscalculated chemicals reported to EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory and failed to file reports for chlorine, cobalt compounds and molybdunem trioxide used at the facility.

Suzanne Bohan, EPA’s regional enforcement program director, had this to say:

Risk management plans and the Toxic Release Inventory protect communities by making sure that facilities provide transparent information and have procedures in place to prevent and respond to potential releases of the chemical they use.”

A spokesperson for HollyFrontier has come out saying that the company has corrected all violations.

“Frontier Refining is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts in communities where we operate and live.”

You can read the full story by clicking here. In related news, Residents in Wyoming town upset with increased oil traffic.

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